You can help keep your dog’s breath fresh while at the same time helping to ward off disease by regular dental checkups for your four-legged friend.  Listed below are why it is beneficial to maintain good oral hygiene for your pet.

To Help with Overall Health

With bad teeth can come bad health. In order to help protect your cat or dog from mouth infections or diseases, you need to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Your local veterinarian will be able to help you in cleaning their teeth and checking their gums, so that you can prevent these other, related health issues from occurring.

Unfortunately, according to the American Animal Health Association, more than two-thirds of pet owners don’t properly care for their pet’s health. It is believed that this is not done out of neglect, but out of unawareness and inability to clean the pet’s teeth. By learning how to care for your pet’s teeth at home, and visiting the vet regularly, you can encourage a healthy mouth for your dog or cat.

To Prevent Them From Being in Pain

Pet teeth cleaning can help prevent them from being in pain, too. Oftentimes, cats and dogs alike can be good at hiding the pain they are in, and tooth-pain is a common cause of discomfort in your furry friends. If you have a younger puppy or kitten, when they lose their baby teeth, this can be a painful experience for them if their teeth and gums are not cared for.

Pets who are particularly hard on their teeth, when they play for instance, can cause their teeth to wear out more quickly. Have your vet perform regular check-ups on their teeth, to make sure you are doing everything you can to provide them with the comfort they need to live happy lives. For instance, you might need to switch to a softer food so that the basic need of eating is easier on them.

To Get Rid of Bad Breath

While “puppy breath” can be endearing in baby dogs, adult dog breath is anything but. Cats are no exception to having bad breath, either. If you find that the smell of your pet’s breath makes you want to keel-over, they might need to have their teeth cleaned. With proper and regular cleaning, you can help reduce the stench that comes from your four-legged friend’s mouth.

Of course, in between visits to the vet, there are some measures you can practice at home to help fight this odor. Ask your vet for advice on brushing your pet’s teeth, as this can help cut back on halitosis. Switching to certain foods and treats can also encourage better-smelling breath. Also, by giving your dog a safe bone or hard chew-toy to gnaw on, it can reduce plaque, which can help with bad breath and improving overall tooth health.

There are so many more reasons why pet teeth cleaning is vital to your pet’s overall health. For more information on how your local, Dawsonville vet can help keep your pet’s teeth clean, please visit our dentistry webpage at All Animals Veterinary Hospital today.