Depending on the breed of your dog, grooming can either be minimal or require a daily routine. Whether or not your dog needs a haircut, grooming is essential to the health and happiness of your furry companion. Despite the breed of your dog, here are a few reasons why you should have your pet groomed by the professionals at your local veterinary hospital. 

For Their Comfort

If a dog has long hair, that hair will eventually mat. You can brush and brush at home, but eventually, one little overlooked mat can quickly turn into a catastrophic nightmare. These mats can be uncomfortable for your pet as they can knot and pull on their hair. These knots will cause itching and irritation, which can make your dog bite and scratch at it incessantly. Even further, this biting and scratching can lead to creating a hot spot, which will make your dog even more uncomfortable.

To avoid this mess of discomfort for your dog, you should have long hair trimmed and small mats removed with regular professional grooming. Even if your long-haired dog doesn’t have mats (thank goodness), they can still be uncomfortable in warmer weather. Though Georgia’s hottest days are behind us for the year, consider having your groomers shave down your pup next summer. 

It’s Good Hygiene!

Those who have dogs with shorter hair can benefit from professional grooming too, as it isn’t always about cutting hair. Dogs of all shapes and sizes need to have their nails trimmed to protect their nails from splitting or breaking, which can be painful for them.

All dogs can benefit from a bath, too. Some dogs have skin issues, which would require a medical bath. Some dogs have a habit of getting dirty while outside, so on and so forth. Professional groomers can meet the needs of individual dogs when it comes to hygienic grooming.

Additionally, there are certain breeds of dog that need to have their ears cleaned and anal glands expressed on a regular basis. With the proper grooming, owners can prevent against issues like ear mites and the dreaded action of bottom-scooting. 

There’s Less Hassle for You

Aside from conducting basic grooming at home, you won’t have to concern yourself with performing all of your dog’s grooming needs. By handing over your dog’s grooming to a professional, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. You won’t have to worry if your doggie’s ears are cleaned sufficiently, and you won’t have to go through the ordeal of trimming your dog’s nails. Professional groomers have the proper tools and experience in order to safely and successfully groom your dog.

Having your dog groomed by a professional on a regular basis will not only make them healthy, but it will make them happy. If you live in North Georgia and are looking for a professional groomer, contact us here at All Animals Veterinary Hospital to learn more about the services our two, professional groomers offer.