Wellness checks for your pet are essential to keeping your best animal friend in great health. At these visits, your local Dawsonville veterinarian will look over your pet and make sure that they are in great condition. Your vet will also give you great advice and information for caring for your animal.

You might be nervous going into this appointment, but keep in mind that your vet is there to support you as a pet parent and answer any questions that you might have. Use this annual visit to learn as much as you can about caring for your pet. Making a list of questions to ask your pet’s health care professional is a great way to gather valuable knowledge. Here are some common questions to ask the vet during your next visit.

What is a Healthy Weight for My Pet?

Did you know that over half of the household pets in North America are overweight? This epidemic is the culprit behind both diminished quality of life and shorter lives for your pets. Many pet owners do not know much about their pet’s ideal weight or how to tell if their pet is “in shape.” When you go to the annual appointment at your veterinary office, ask your vet about your pet’s weight and how you can keep him or her healthy by providing adequate nutrition and exercise.Healthy Pets

How is My Pet’s Dental Health?

Unfortunately, this is one of the questions to ask the vet that many people forget about. Your pet’s dental hygiene is very important. Like in humans, dental health in animals affects multiple other bodily systems that are essential to living a thriving life. Most pets should have their teeth cleaned regularly by a professional. There are also things that you should do at home to keep your pet’s teeth healthy. At your annual vet exam, ask your vet about your pet’s dental health and what you can do to keep those teeth nice and bright.

 What are These New Bumps?

Pets frequently develop lumps and bumps. Most of the time these growths are completely normal, but sometimes they can lead to additional complications. If you notice any bumps on your pet, point them out to your veterinarian and have them examine the spot. Your vet might decide that the growth is not harmful, or they may order additional tests. Growths, both under or above the skin, are worth investigating.

What is the Latest in Pest Control for My Pet?

Pests, such as fleas, ticks and worms, can wreak havoc on your pet’s health. It is very important that you remain diligent about preventing these infestations. When you bring your pet to their annual well check, ask your vet about the latest in pest control. Make sure that there have been no recalls on medications and inquire about improvements that could benefit your animal friend.

For more information and to make sure you have a full list of questions to ask the vet on your next visit, contact a representative at All Animals Veterinary Hospital today.