There are many steps you can take in providing your loved family pet with a healthy life. Here we will discuss some simple steps that can drastically improve your pet’s health and help them live a long, happy life! 

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Pet Vaccinations

With summer right around the corner, vaccinations for your pet couldn’t be more important. Rising numbers of ticks, fleas, and other undesired nuisances can truly irritate and diminish your pets joy. On top of that, they can carry some very nasty diseases that can be crippling to your pet. Don’t let this easy, yet important step slip through the cracks. Contact your local veterinarian and set up an appointment to get your pet vaccinated.   

Regular check-upsThe Importance of Pet Dental Care

Regular check-ups to your local veterinarian are just as important for your pet as a check-up for your son or daughter. Like children, each animal is different and may have their own set of health issues to deal with. Knowledge of the breed can help you know what to expect along with regular visit to the vet.   The more knowledge you have, the happier your pet will be.


A good, healthy diet is also a key factor in your pet’s well-being. While table scraps may be the easy route, and saying no to those begging eyes is close to impossible, your pet will be thanking you in the latter years when they are still healthy and strong. Dog food is designed with an animals future in mind, giving them the amount of nutrients needed. 

What type of dog food should you choose? There is a difference! And you don’t always have to dig deep into your wallet to give your pet a quality diet. Checking the labels can easily help you find a food that is perfect for them and could possibly cost the same as the others. 

When checking the label the most important thing to look for is the first ingredient. If a grain or animal “meal” is the first ingredient, you’re essentially feeding them scraps. You want to find a food where the primary ingredient is the meat itself (i.e. chicken, beef). Once you have done this, your pet will not only start getting the nutrients they need but they will be more satisfied eating their food instead of begging for yours.  


Our busy lives don’t always cater very well to the needed exercise our pets desire. Not only does exercise keep them physically fit, but it will bring the joy in their lives up significantly. Just a simple thirty minute walk down the street, or playing fetch with them can increase their mood and make them happier. Their exercised body will fight against aging and can help keep them healthy. 

Owning a pet is fun, but it does require a small amount of work. These few steps can help keep your pet on an healthier path.

As your Dawsonville vet, we want to help you improve your pets quality of life. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule your pets next appointment, give us a call.