While most adults at least make an attempt to eat healthy and stay active, that is not necessarily the case for their pets. Just like with humans, a dog needs more than good food to remain healthy. It needs to be active on a daily basis to promote proper pet health. While this may seem a bit tedious, exercising your pet is essential to keeping your furry friends in peak condition both mentally and physically. Just like with their perpetual ‘best friend’, dogs have begun to develop many humans’ obese tendencies such as overeating. While this may seem tragic, there are many simple ways that we can help our most loyal companions stay fit and healthy.

Exercising Dog

Other than making sure to measure out the proper portions for your canine to eat to avoid accidental overfeeding, exercising your pet should be one of the most crucial parts of our daily routines. Many dogs are descendants of wolves, or were bred to be excellent hunters and hunting aids, making them extremely active by their nature. By depriving them of physical activity, the energy they have builds up, and can cause them to act out due to their boundless energy having nowhere else to go. While taking your pet’s health into consideration is important, walking your dog on a leash every single day can get extremely boring and exercising your pet can become more of a chore than it needs to be. Rather than feel forced into yet another chore that needs to be done every day at a set time, here are some fun ways to stay active WITH your pet.

If taking a walk with your four-legged family member is what you are looking for, but the same old trails just won’t cut it for long, let the dog walk you. Rather than leading the dog, let them explore with you tailing along to make sure they don’t get themselves into trouble. You can do this on the streets, on a walking trail, or even deep in the woods for a long hike. This allows the dog to feel like he is in control and free to explore places they have never been before, and you can see the happiness radiating off of them as they smile and trot around.

Another fun option that is a bit simpler is fetch. All you need is a tennis ball, stick, Frisbee, or anything that your canine companion will retrieve and return to you. Some dogs like to play fetch and drop the ball at your feet after every throw, while others prefer to turn it into a game of keep away. Again, their happiness is almost infectious, and you will soon find yourself smiling along with them.

Regardless of how you decide to keep your pet active and healthy, make sure that both of you are enjoying the time you spend together. Be sure to show your pet how much you love them!