Surgery Protocol at All Animals Veterinary Hospital

All Animals Veterinary Hospital in Dawsonville, GA utilizes the following standards for all surgical procedures requiring the patient to be sedated:

A full consultation is performed with the owner at patient drop off to include:

  • Verification of procedure and or services to be performed and if the patient has had any food prior to sedation.
  • Signing of the consent form
  • Verifying which phone number to call the owner once the patient is moved to recovery.
  • Discussion of pre-anesthetic blood work and IV catheter placement and surgical fluids for the procedure:

               Blood work: This is recommended for any patient undergoing anesthesia / sedation to give us a look at the patient’s kidney and liver functions. This will give us an idea of any underlying health issues that may lead to any issues with how the patient may process the anesthesia. This will help us to determine the best sedation medication to use for the particular patient and have an emergency plan in place in the case of any adverse reactions.
               IV Catheter: Enables us to administer medications routine or emergency at a faster rate and for the use of IV fluid therapy.
               Surgical Fluids: Allows the proper blood flow to all the vital organs while the patient is sedated. Also helps the body filter the anesthetics that are used.

  • A full exam is performed by the veterinarian performing the procedure which include any lab results before sedating the patient.
  • A surgery / monitoring form is filled out with an emergency plan in place regardless of the patient’s risk factors.
  • One technician is assigned to the patient to monitor the patient throughout the entire procedure and through recovery.
  • Once the patient is awake and seems to be recovering well – the technician will call the owner to assure them that everything went well.

Upon discharge – owners will have written instructions for their pet including any potential problems to watch for. If the doctor has other concerns or special requests of the owner, they will be discussed with the owner and written on the discharge instructions.

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please call All Animals Vet at (706) 216-8387.

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