Are you a pet owner in Dawsonville, Georgia or a surrounding area? Then you know that pets are part of the family. They bring such great joy to homes and the people within. You probably look forward to walking through the door each afternoon and being met by your excited four-legged companion. In fact, this is always one of the highlights of each day.

There are few things better than having your biggest fan, your animal family member, look up to you with their big eyes in an expression that says one thing—true love. As a pet owner, it is your duty to provide your animals with the very best care. After all, that explosive ball of fur is like your very own child. You never know what kind of specific situation could arise, but here are 4 broad reasons why you should keep your Dawsonville vet on speed dial.

Pets Get Hurt

Pet Needs Medical Attention

You are playing in the living room, and Frito the bubbly terrier is all excited about the attention she is getting. She is running in quick circles, blasting by you as fast as she can go. She jumps up on the couch and uses all her power to leap from the cushion back onto the floor. As she hits the hardwood surface, the landing simply does not stick and your joy turns to worry as Frito crumples to the floor. Your poor pup has fractured her right paw. You need to make sure she gets medical attention quickly.

Pets Eat Things They Shouldn’t Eat

One of the most common causes of worry for pet parents is that their companion will consume something that it is not supposed to. For instance, Henry the hungry iguana decided to eat a few coins from his owner’s prized collections. This mischief can quickly turn into a life or death emergency, depending on what was swallowed. Be sure to keep medications, chemicals and any objects that might harm your pet way outside of their reach. If your animal companion does eat something that they are not supposed to, call your veterinarian and get their expert advice on how you should handle the situation.

You Will Have Questions

Being the caregiver of an animal can be stressful. Through all stages of their lives, you are sure to have questions regarding their behavior and health care. In these instances, it is very helpful to have your vet on speed dial. If your grey tabby, Skittles, is acting a bit off, do not hesitate to call your vet and describe the situation. They will be able to tell you if the behavior is normal, if the animal should be seen and to give you advice on what you can do to give your pet the best care possible.

There is No Time to Find Numbers

If you do not keep your vet on speed dial, you might waste valuable time looking for their number. If your old mare, Anna Belle, suddenly chokes on her alfalfa and oats, it is critical that you have the number to your Dawsonville veterinarian right at your fingertips.

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