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In order for your veterinarian to diagnose possible health problems quickly and accurately, we offer veterinary pathology services, such as blood chemistry analysis, urine analysis, intestinal parasite screenings and many other diagnostic tests. That way treatment can begin as soon as possible if any problems are detected.

How Do Veterinary Pathology Services Work?

Our veterinary and laboratory technicians will look at samples of your pet’s blood, stool, urine, and tissues that have been surgically removed from your pet to determine if there are any diseases or issues that you need to be aware of.

A Veterinary Pathologist can diagnose diseases in your pet based on an up-close examination of them.

A Veterinary Technician will process samples from your pet and be able to give you an accurate diagnosis based on the results.

What Types of Problems Can Be Discovered With Veterinary In-House and Laboratory Testing?

There are many clinical diseases that your veterinarian can find from veterinary lab testing. From a blood test, they can see how well some of your pet’s internal organs are functioning based on the chemical and enzyme levels from the sample. A urine sample will look for unwanted blood and bacteria, and will be able to determine if your pet is having issues with their bladder or kidney. A stool sample will let your vet know if your furry friend has unwanted guests like intestinal parasites.

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