Dawsonville Vet Nursing Care

Nursing care is an important part of our hospital. Our veterinary technicians and assistants help provide more efficient care for your pet by helping in surgery, recovery, diagnosis, therapy, administering medication and intensive care, much the same as the nursing staff in your local hospital.

What are Dawsonville Veterinary Assistants Responsible For?

There are many roles that a veterinary assistant plays at All Animals Vet. They handle many responsibilities while working under the supervision of our lead vet, Edward Holton. Some things that our veterinary assistant team members do on a weekly basis:

  • Feed, bathe, and exercise animals that temporarily stay with us
  • Disinfect the cages and kennels that house our four-legged guests
  • Clean our examination and operating rooms before and after every procedure
  • Assist our veterinarian in first aid and post-surgery care

Is There A Difference Between Veterinary Technicians & Veterinary Assistants?

The short answer is yes. The vet assistants and vet techs work together to make the doctor’s life much easier so they can focus on practicing the best medicine possible for your pet.

Vet assistants are the team members who will talk to you before the doctor comes in, and answer any questions that our receptionists are unable to answer. They can help with clinical procedures on your pet, but their main role in regards to an in-depth procedure like surgery is to set the stage for the lead vet and his vet technician.

Our veterinary technicians are in charge of your pet’s x-rays and tissue sample processing, and they are right beside the veterinarian to help during a surgery. All of our team members perform separate roles that allow All Animals Vet to be an efficient and well-run Dawsonville animal hospital.

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