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Examination Facilities
The exam room is where your pet’s health is evaluated by your veterinarian. A complete history of your pet is taken in addition to a physical exam of various systems of the body, such as respiratory, nervous, and sensory systems. This helps to ensure a proper

It is important to us to have a complete pharmacy so the most commonly used pharmaceuticals and vaccines are on hand when your pet needs them. Our doctors are very skilled in the use of these products and knows how your pet will likely respond to them.

Here at All Animals, surgery is performed in a specialized room used only for surgery and ultra sound procedures, and easy access to drugs and equipment all help to ensure your pet receives the best surgery care possible.

Diagnostic Imaging
X-ray films and ultra sound can be helpful in detecting such problems as bone fractures, calcium deposits and identify objects in the stomach, intestines and urinary tract. They also can be used to confirm or detect the presence of certain diseases.