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Grooming services are offered every Wednesday. All Animals has a highly experienced groomer with many years of grooming behind their scissors. We will work with the pet owner to make sure their pet gets the look they are wanting. Whether it is a breed groom,  a summer shave down, or a bath our groomers can do it all.  All Animals Vet also offers medicated baths for various skin issues.


Each bath and groom includes:

  • nail trim
  • anal gland expression
  • cleaning of ears

Why Choose a Professional Pet Grooming Service?

There are many benefits for both you and your pet when it comes to professional grooming. Your four-legged friend will be healthy and happy, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with performing their grooming at home. All Animals Vet has experienced team members that your pet will feel happy and safe around, and instead of dealing with the cleanup that follows any at-home grooming procedure, the only thing you have to do is enjoy your freshly pampered pet.

Each regularly-scheduled grooming appointment with a professional Dawsonville groomer will provide benefits for you pet that you can both see, feel, and smell. Here are the pros to trusting our groomers with your pet’s personal hygiene:

  • Your furbaby’s coat and skin will stay healthy and soft
  • Their foot structure and posture will remain strong from regular nail trims, and the risk of infection in their little paws will be greatly reduced
  • Our veterinary team members will be able to detect any early signs of issues with your pet’s skin, teeth, and ears before they require costly care
  • A regularly-groomed coat won’t shed as much, and it will shine and smell great too!

How Often to Have Your Dog or Cat Groomed

Depending on the breed, fur-length, and whether they spend most of their time inside or out, a dog is recommended to have a bath and nail trim every 4-6 weeks. A grooming appointment should be made once a month for younger canines, and every quarter for older furbabies.

Long-haired cats benefit from a daily brushing, and regardless of the breed and where they spend most of their time, your cat’s nails should be trimmed every 10-14 days, and bathed every 4-6 weeks.

Schedule a Dawsonville Pet Grooming Service Today!

Are you having trouble keeping up with your pet’s regular grooming? Schedule a service with All Animals Vet at (706) 216-8387.

Note: Full grooming services are only available on Wednesdays; baths can be scheduled any day of the week!


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