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All Animals Veterinary Hospital is happy to see your exotic animal. From reptiles to rodents, we are able to treat all kinds of creatures.

We offer many services in the exotic animal field such as bird wing, beak and nail trimming. To make an appointment for your exotic pet, please call our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment! 706-216-8387

How Often Should Your Exotic Pet See a Vet?African grey

The rule of thumb for all pets is to schedule a checkup with your local veterinarian at least once a year. This applies to all reptiles, birds, and rodents as well. If you think that your pet is sick or notice it acting out of the ordinary, you might want to think about scheduling a vet visit sooner. As a pet parent, you know your special companion’s quirks better than anyone. You’ll be able to tell if your pet needs to visit a Dawsonville exotic animal expert.

However, if you’re not sure if your pet is having an emergency, it’s always good to call a professional. All Animals Vet is here to answer your questions! You can reach us by phone at (706) 216-8387 or through email at allanimalsvet@windstream.net 

Tips & Tricks for Exotic Pet Health

  • Be mindful of what scents you bring into your home. Candles with strong scents can be harmful to exotic pet’s health, especially if that pet is a bird. Any older candles you already own contain lead in their wicks, which is detrimental to your pet’s health if they happen to inhale the fumes. If you’re a fan of potpourri, keep it far away from small mammals and birds. They’ll mistake the appealing smell for a tasty snack.
  • You can’t share everything you eat. Even if your exotic pet is giving you sad eyes while you eat, you need to be careful what you share with them. Chocolate and liquor are great indulgences for humans, but they are very toxic to exotic pets. If you have a bird and want to share bits of your meal with them, you need to serve them a small, separate portion that’s NOT from your own plate. The bacteria in your mouth can give your bird a fatal infection, so never share anything off of the plate that you’ve eaten from. Also, remember that food that contains bones can be damaging for birds.
  • Are your home decorations safe to eat? The answer is probably not. Small mammals like ferrets and rabbits are known to be curious eaters, and will often chew on anything pretty that catches their eye. If you have store-bought dried flowers, seeds, and wooden decorations in your home, they will have been treated with a chemical coating that is toxic to your exotic pet. Make sure that these items stay out of reach. If you’re thinking about livening up your exotic pet’s cage with cute decorations and knick-knacks, you need to stick with bulky, chemical-free items that your little friend won’t mistake as a pretty treat.
  • If you’re a plant person, make sure that you research the current greenery in your home as well as any kind of flower you’ve been thinking of adding to the scenery. Many common house plants like Easter Lilies, Poinsettias, and Daffodils are deadly for exotic pets if ingested. 

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If you want to schedule a checkup, or are concerned about your exotic pet’s current health, Contact All Animals Vet at (706) 216-8387.


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