Congratulations, you are the official parent of a new puppy. The days ahead will be some of the most fun and most challenging of your life. Having a dog will bring so much joy into your world. They are truly man’s best friend, but raising a puppy can have quite a few stressful moments. Puppies require a lot of attention and consistency. You must be committed to providing your puppy with the home and activities that it needs to thrive. This will be a lot of work in the beginning, but it will all pay off in the end.

If this is your very first puppy, you are probably feeling a bit intimidated. Like most pet parents in Dawsonville, Georgia, you want to do everything right and make sure that your dog is happy and healthy at all times. This is a major lifestyle change that will require you to be both flexible and open-minded. Relax, enjoy your new family member and read over these tips for caring for a new puppy.

Socialize Your Pet

Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy is an important part of mitigating against behavioral problems that might spring up once your puppy reaches adulthood. Under the guidance of your vet, introduce your puppy to new animals, other dogs and people as well as new places. You could also join a socialization class with other dogs and puppies who are just learning about the world.

Obedience Training

A well-mannered dog is a happy dog. Parenting your puppy means more than just providing it with food and shelter; you must also teach obedience. This will strengthen the bond between the two of you and make your outings much more fun. Teach your puppy basic commands by using positive reinforcement. If you would like some help, check the Dawsonville, Georgia area for local dog training groups.

Have a Potty Routine

Potty training is one of the most stressful things for most pet parents. It can be accomplished more easily if you establish a routine and keep it consistent. Take your puppy out to use the bathroom as soon as you wake up in the morning, immediately after they have eaten or woken up from a nap, during or after playtime and before going to bed. You might also need to wake up during the night to bring your puppy t

o potty.

Get Good Puppy Food

You will need to buy a good quality dog food that is formulated specifically for growing puppies, rather than mature adult dogs. Read over the packaging thoroughly to make sure that the food will meet the nutritional requirements of your dog. Younger puppies between the ages of six and twelve weeks should eat four times per day, while three to six months of age should eat three meals per day. At six to twelve months your puppy can eat twice per day.Dr. Edward Holton

Find a Good Vet

You will need to find a good veterinarian to take care of all of your puppy’s health care needs. All Animals Veterinary Hospital of Dawsonville is dedicated to helping new pet parents with creating a great environment for their puppies. For more information, visit our services page or contact a representative today.