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All Animals Veterinary Hospital offers boarding services for your pet throughout the year as well as holiday boarding. Each animal is provided food, water, and their own boarding run. Owners may bring their pets own food or we will provide a low residue food during the pets stay. Pets are given several potty breaks throughout the day and we DO NOT charge for play time. All Animals provides a safe and supervised fenced in area for your pet to play and release energy. When boarding at our hospital you have the comfort in knowing that your pet is being taken care of by technicians who are trained to spot any illnesses or issues while you are away. If a problem does arise, a veterinarian is already in the building to quickly take care of your beloved pet.

Benefits of Using a Pet Boarding Service

There are many reasons why boarding your pet can be good for both you and your four-legged friend. The boarding services at All Animals Vet allows your pet to feel safe in their own personal environment. Your pet will be supervised by a member of our staff at all times, so you can rest easy knowing that your pet is receiving the best care while you’re away.

On top of having their basic needs met like food, water, and exercise, your pet will also have many opportunities to socialize with many members of our staff. Imagine how happy your pet will be during their stay when each day includes play time with new friends! Your pet will also get to spend time with their companions, especially during play time outside. While you’re enjoying your vacation, your furbaby is having a getaway of their own.

Leaving your pet with the veterinary experts at All Animals Vet ensures that if your four-legged friend gets sick or injured, there are professionals there to spot a minor issue before it turns into a major problem. If we notice any changes in your pet during their stay, we will contact you right away.

How Long Should My Pet Stay at a Boarding Service?

If you are planning a trip, long or short, your pet is welcome to stay with us. If you’re expecting a lengthy trip, it’s a good idea to leave your pet with something from your home, like a bed, blanket, or their favorite toy. The familiar scent will calm their initial nerves of being in a new place. All Animals Vet boarding services will do their best to make sure your pet is having too much fun to be sad that you’re away, but they will also be very happy to see you when you get back! You can always come to us with your questions and concerns when you’re scheduling a boarding service with All Animals Vet.

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