If you’re like many others, you are probably traveling for the holidays so that you can spend time with extended family and friends who live far away. Unfortunately, more often than not, you are unable to take your beloved pet with you. It can be heartbreaking to have to leave them behind, but with Dawsonville dog boarding, you can rest assured knowing your dog is safe and in caring hands.

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Boarding Your Dog in Dawsonville

If you are driving a long distance or traveling by plane this holiday season, it may not make sense, or be possible, to take your dog with you. While it can be difficult to drop them off before you go on your trip, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is happy, healthy and safe. And when you return, you know that the happiness of your reunion will be unmatched.

In Dawsonville, dog boarding can maximize the convenience of your trip as well, as you aren’t having to drive your dog all over North Georgia in order to find a place for them to stay. Both your dog’s and your own stress levels will be lowered, making the holiday season more enjoyable for all.

Safe Dog Boarding

Safe dog boarding ensures that your furry friend is in a space where they will not get hurt or be scared. Even if the unlikely event were to arise where something happened to your pet, there is a staff of trained and experienced veterinarians right there, ready to help. With food, water and their own space to exercise, your dog will be safe and care-free, while you can enjoy your trip.

Supervised playtimes will allow your dog the freedom to run and play as they would at home, in addition to several potty breaks each day. To make your dog even more comfortable during their stay, you can send them off with their own food or a comforting toy that would remind them of home. Chances are, they will miss you while you are gone, but with their own space to play, eat and sleep, they will be content and safe.

How to Board Your Dog for the Holidays

Boarding your dog for the holidays is as simple as calling your local, Dawsonville veterinarian and reserving a space for the dates in which you will be gone. Your dog will have to be vaccinated in order to protect themselves and the other pets that will be staying in the same facility. However, even if your dog is not vaccinated, that is something that your vet can do upon arrival for their boarding.

Are you traveling out of town this year for the holidays? If so, contact us at All Animals Veterinary Hospital today in order to ensure a spot in our safe dog boarding facility for your four-legged friend. We offer all of these services and more, because we treat your pets as if they are a part of our own families.