Best type of dog food for my dog

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Now that your pup is home, it’s time to start caring for it. There are many deciding factors on why to take your new puppy to your local veterinarian. Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t wait to make a vet visit.

1. Beginning your new puppy with good bill of health.

Dogs can look very healthy even when there are major problems lurking in the shadows. Something as simple as an unnoticed eye infection or the dreaded worms can be detrimental to the health and development of your puppy. An initial checkup from your local vet can prevent these problems. Puppy shots can stop unwanted, and contagious, diseases such as parvo or worms. Puppy shots can also aid in infections. An easily unnoticed eye infection in a puppy’s eye can quickly become a threat to its vision, and could possibly sustain life-long injury. Make an appointment within the first two days with one of your Dawsonville vets to start off on the right foot with your new pet.

2. Blood tests.

Although an initial checkup is important to your puppy, it can still leave some guess work for your vet. A veterinarian is trained to find the signs of health issues in pets, but with a blood test they can see how your pup’s body is functioning wholly. They can look for problems with organs, and find those nasty heart worms that plague many dogs. Blood tests also help your veterinarian find future problems with your pet by setting the standard of how your puppy’s body works, making it easier and quicker for vets to catch signs, or diagnose, health problems. Blood testing is one of the best things to do for your pet’s health.

3. Intestinal parasites.

Intestinal parasites, or “worms,” are one of the most common problems in puppies. But did you know they can be transmitted to humans? Yes, you could get “worms” from your dog. Thousands of children are blinded every year from transmission of untreated parasites living unknowingly in your pet. These pests can be prevented

4. Heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease if left alone can kill your puppy very quickly. It is one of the leading causes of deaths in dogs today. Heartworm disease is transmitted through mosquitoes and is relevant all over the US. Prevention is very inexpensive and is usually coupled with flea prevention.

5. Fleas everywhere!

Fleas can creep in pretty much overnight with your pet. They can infest both your yard and home, spreading to your neighbors pets very quickly. Fleas carry a multitude of diseases, and being a blood sucker, easily and effortlessly spread those diseases to what they come in contact with. Prevention is quick, easy, and inexpensively if caught early. Consulting your local vet can determine what treatment is right for you and your puppy’s lifestyle.

6. What do I feed my puppy? There are so many options.

You might wander what you should and shouldn’t feed your new puppy. Your vet can help! With extensive information and training, your local veterinarian can recommend the right type of food for your puppy’s age and breed. The right food can promote proper growth and development of your puppy both physically and mentally. Proper health and growth can determine the behavior of your dog which brings up our next point.

7. Why is my dog acting up?

Many times owners get frustrated with their pet for “acting out” or “forgetting” their training. This is usually assumed to be a bad behavior and considered to be on purpose. Often a dog “acts out” because there is a deeper rooted problem. It could be many the reasons listed above that are causing the pet discomfort. This “acting out” is often the way your pup is tells you there is something wrong, just like a newborn baby crying when they have a stomach ache.

8. Long-term investment.

Pets are wonderful to have as a part of your family. Your new puppy will grow and bond with your family and essentially become a significant part of the household. They can add longevity and joy to their owner’s lives. They are an investment that is well worth it. While they provide you joy and happiness, do the same for them and invest in their well being. Dawsonville veterinarians can help you along the way with these precious investments. So call your local vet today!