Animals quickly become a part of the family once you bring them into your home. They are like children in many ways to a lot of people, and loved beyond measure. Unfortunately, animal companions do not speak a verbal language in order to communicate with their owners. This can make it difficult to determine when your pet is ill or otherwise needs medical attention.

A Dawsonville veterinarian is a trained professional who dedicated many years of their life to schooling so that they could provide your pet with the best care possible. They are capable of spotting indicators for illnesses that many owners might miss. They can also perform routine tests and examines to make sure that your animal is in great health. For this reason, it is very important to complete annual well-checks. Risk mitigation is critical to providing your pet with a long and healthy life. Here are 5 reasons to make sure your pet has annual vet trips.

1. Yearly Shots

Annual vaccinations prevent many illnesses and parasites from harming your animal. One of the most important vaccines is rabies, which can be harmful to both your dog and people. It is very important that you keep your pet up to date on their vaccines. The age of your pet, your location and your lifestyle will all play a factor in the vaccination schedule for your pet.

2. Parasitic Invasion

Animals are very sensitive to acquiring unwanted parasitic visitors. Though most of these invaders might seem innocent and harmless on their own, they can be extremely harmful and even deadly in larger numbers. To prevent parasites, you can have your animal tested and invest in prevention medication.

3. Dental Hygiene

You animal’s teeth are connected to their overall bodily health. Just like people, animals need regular professional dental care. There are products that you can use at home, but nothing beats a deep cleaning during your annual vet trips. This will prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other issues that can occur from poor dental care. Having healthy teeth will help your pet to live a happier lifestyle.

4. Developmental Changes

As your animal ages, he or she will experience changes in both cognitive and physical development. Some behaviors are normal, but others could indicate that your pet is experience issues, such as anxiety. If you notice anything abnormal about your pet’s behavior, but sure to bring your concerns to your vet. They will be able to help you find a solution to make life easier for both you and your pet. Your yearly veterinary exam is an excellent way to make sure that your pet’s development is right on track.

5. Physical Health

At your annual vet trips, your veterinarian can give you great nutritional and exercise advice for your pet. They will also look over your pet’s entire body for abnormalities and injuries that you might have missed. A yearly wellness check is the best way to keep your pet in great physical health.

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