Cats are one of the most popular pets on the planet. Georgia pet owners, especially those in the Dawsonville area, love their feline friends and all the joy they bring to their family. These cuddly bouncing balls of fur display a marriage of personality traits, from explosive and energetic to relaxed and quiet.

Kitten WellnessMany kittens are very confident, allowing their curiosity to lead them throughout their world. This often gets the adorable animals into trouble, so do not be surprised if you come home to some kitty created mischief! Kittens require a lot of love and care, but once you have brought one into your home they truly become a part of your family. Though cats are one of the most common house pets, many people do not know much about them. Here are 4 little known facts about kittens.

1. Born Helpless

Though cats are extremely talented in the areas of balance and physical precision, they are born completely helpless. A mother cat’s pregnancy generally lasts a mere 64 days. This is only a little over 2 months for a gestation period! A cat can give birth to a single kitten or many. Kittens are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut.

They are not capable of regulating their own body temperature at this infantile stage, and rely on their mother’s warm to survive. Thankfully, most mother cats are very attentive to the needs of their kittens. They will hastily move their young if they sense danger. Though they are born fully dependent on mom, in just a few weeks’ time the kittens will be ready to take on the world.

2. Develop Rapidly

Newborn kittens spend the first two weeks of their lives sleeping, eating and growing. By three weeks of age, a kitten’s eyes are normally completely open, their ears have also opened, their sense of smell is developed and their needle-like baby teeth are making their appearance.

At this early point, kittens also begin to take their first wobbly steps. In just one more week, putting the kittens at a short one month old, they will be capable of playing, jumping around, venturing outside of their nesting box and grooming themselves.

3. Communication through Body Language

One reason why kittens make great pets is because they communicate to their owners very clearly with their body language. When a kitten is happy and content, they will purr. This blissful noise is a vocal sign of appreciation and satisfaction. If your kitten is purring, he or she is very happy! Kittens will also let you know when they are scared or agitated. If your kitten takes a defensive stance by arching their back and making a “hissing” sound, give them their space.

4. First Vet Visit is Early

Like infant children, kittens should be seen by your Dawsonville veterinarian early in their life. The average time for a first trip to the vet is six weeks of age. At this appointment, they will receive a general wellness check and their first shots. If you adopt a kitten that is older than six weeks, be sure to bring your new pet to the vet as soon as possible to make sure that they are in good health.

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